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  Reviewed 7-6-2003 by John ShirrellAuthor's site - Produced by ImprovementsExternal link - List price: $17.99
  I've found yet another product from Improvements that I want to review. This time it is the HotScoop, a microwaveable ice cream scoop. The premise is that you warm up the scoop in the microwave and it will make the bowl of the scoop warm enough to cut into hard ice cream, while leaving the handle cool to the touch. My testing of this scoop was consistent with these claims, but it had its disadvantages to the traditional method of placing any other ice cream scoop under hot water.
  The HotScoop was very comfortable to hold, because of its unique ergonomic design. The scoop's bowl makes the perfect round scoop of ice cream, and it stands up in the microwave or on the counter without rolling. It certainly meets the basic criteria for being an ice cream scoop, and its price is not unreasonable compared to regular ice cream scoops, especially heated ones. My only issue with the scoop is that after scooping ice cream it was difficult to dislodge the ice cream from the scoop, and the heat didn't seem to make that any less of a problem. If the scoop had a slightly different shape it might not have that suction effect on the ice cream that causes it to stick to the scoop.
  The heating instructions are printed right on the scoop. However, I do not recommend you heat it for 50 seconds like it says, because after spending that long in the microwave my scoop began to melt and was ruined. I was not impressed that this scoop is not made of a more heat-resistant material, because of the nature of it being placed in the microwave. My advice is to heat the scoop no more than 30 seconds. However after scooping just a little bit of ice cream you will need to reheat the scoop. Although this scoop is more convenient for an occasional serving of ice cream, do not use it at parties.
  My overall experience with the HotScoop was, at best, satisfactory. It has some serious issues but it is indeed a microwaveable scoop. It is also handy that this scoop is dishwasher safe; I didn't notice any problems in the dishwasher. But it is very disappointing that this scoop can melt in the microwave when it overheats, and that is this product's main flaw.

Rating: +++--