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GadgetScope.com Privacy

  GadgetScope.com is committed to providing information to internet viewers in a manner which does not violate their privacy or security. If at any time you feel that GadgetScope.com is infringing on your right to privacy, please inform the privacy department at Privacy.25892054 .at. GadgetScope.com.

With regard to personal information:

What information is collected, and when?

  You may be asked to provide a name or e-mail address when participating in interactive areas of the site. Sometimes these fields are required to prevent abuse. You will not be asked to provide a real name, postal address, or phone number unless you specifically request to receive mail or telephone contact.

How is this information used?

  You will never get any unexpected solicitations as a result of providing your personal information to GadgetScope.com. When posting to a message board or submitting a review, your contact information will be provided along with your posting to allow others to identify and contact you. As a result, your information becomes available to the public and is out of GadgetScope.com's control. At times you may be given the option to protect your e-mail address from spam harvesters, which go from website to website collecting public e-mail addresses. If given this option users are recommended to take it to prevent bulk e-mail from third parties. GadgetScope.com will use all other information provided internally, and never offer it to third parties, unless it is necessary to complete a request made by the user, at which time only the information needed by the third party will be provided. GadgetScope.com will make an effort to inform the user before doing this. GadgetScope.com never provides personal information to third parties that do not have an equal or better privacy policy than its own. Your information may be available to GadgetScope.com's web host, PHPWebhosting.com. Their privacy statement can be found here.

What actions are taken to protect personal information from hackers?

  Since GadgetScope.com does not operate a business, credit card information is not collected at any time, and most users will never even have to provide a real name, address, or telephone number. However, in the event sensitive information like this is collected, GadgetScope.com will not store it on a server, protecting it from outside data access. Information provided by users for interactive sections, such as name and e-mail, will be kept in a restricted directory which will not be accessible to the general public, except when connected with online postings.

What if I don't like it?

  If you want to remove any personal information from our records, contact the privacy department at Privacy .at. GadgetScope.com.

With regard to non-personal information:

What information is collected, and when?

  As you visit GadgetScope.com sites, your system information (which is volunteered by web browsers or required for server-to-client communication) may be collected. These statistics might include your IP address, the page that referred you to GadgetScope.com, the version of browser you are using, the plugin components installed on your browser, or the resolution of your screen.

How is this information used?

  The webmaster may keep logs or statistics of non-personal information to monitor traffic and browser needs. For example, if the webmaster noticed a sudden increase in traffic from WebTV users, he could check GadgetScope.com for compatibility with WebTV. This information is anonymous and can not be directly connected to specific users.

What if I don't like it?

  If you are uncomfortable with this information being collected, you are encouraged to use a web proxy to prevent your browser from providing this information to GadgetScope.com. It is impossible to prevent this information from being collected as the server needs this information to provide you with GadgetScope.com content.

With regard to exceptions:

  There may be unusual circumstances in which GadgetScope.com is required to change its privacy policy. If we must provide information about users in order to avoid a security or safety risk, to prevent spam, or when it is required by law, we will provide as much information as necessary to meet the requirement regardless of any privacy concerns. Users engaging in illegal activity connected with GadgetScope.com immediately, completely, and permanently forfeit any protection of privacy.